¡Jo, es que sin un carril-bici me pierdo en la plaza!

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Our favorite deadbrain in Amsterdam posted in his blog a while ago a portrait of a young, presumably spanish, woman who is happily enjoying the glory of Amsterdam bikelanes. If we are to believe this guy’s report, this lady is so dumb that she would get lost in Dam Square without a bike lane to guide her: Nuestro tontolculo favorito en Amsterdam publicó en su blog hace ya algún tiempo un retrato de una joven, aparentemente española, que está disfrutando felizmente la gloria de los carriles-bici de Amsterdam. Si nos creyésemos lo que dice nuestro hombrecito, resultaría que esta chica es tan boba que se perdería en la plaza Dam si no tuviese un carril-bici para guiarla:

Maria continued to talk about how she loves riding (and this bike in particular), but how she hates riding around Dam Square finding her way to her other work, because of what she considers bad bike lanes (not completely segregated)

Amelia, dear girl: you really should really pay more attention to the kind of people you hang out with, because they are not making you look good at all. Amelia, querida: de verdad que deberías prestar más atención al tipo de gente con la que te juntas, porque van diciendo a tus espaldas unas cosas horribles sobre tí.


CiudadCiclista | Lista de correo | Wiki CC

Si es que hay compañias de las que es mejor mantenerse apartado.


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3 comentarios to “¡Jo, es que sin un carril-bici me pierdo en la plaza!”

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goes to show you really are blind to context, aka ignorant as a deer staring into a car’s headlights. It’s not that she can’t find her way to work without bike lanes, nitwit, it’s about the complete traffic mayhem at Dam Square which she doesn’t feel comfortable with. Oh the irony…of course you don’t understand that, that would mean you’d have to admit that vehicular cycling is fatally flawed…impossible when you’ve been brainwashed by the likes of Forrester.

Oh, Hello, Mr Amsterdamize! After the last two (1, 2) rounds of ridicule you got here, have you come again for more? You do have a gall, man.

Okay, no problem. You will be served.


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