Otro (distinto) ciclista muerto en Londres. En otro (distinto) carril-bici .

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Hey, todo el mundo está de acuerdo en que el carril-bici es mierda. Pero nadie parece querer a cabar la frase.

Neil Turner, killed cycling to Oval – start of the Tour du Danger. A tube driver, Mini fan, Millwall supporter, father and soon-to-be husband. An all-round Londoner killed, in my view, on a road designed in a way that makes deaths unavoidable.

Incluso la madre ha escrito una sentida carta:

The cyclists of Croydon have been wanting something done with this road for many years. Myself and my husband and son and his partner have been there to look and as the cyclists say it is a death trap. Please will you take a look at Mitcham Road. You get the pavement, then parked cars then a bit of a so-called bike lane with no thick white line on it at all. The bikes could be knocked over by the parked cars if they open their doors to get out or the bikes have to go in the car lane. All the bikes are at risk along there. They are doing as Boris is asking, cycling for London at their own peril. It is so dangerous for them all.

La frase que nadie parece capaz de decir completamente es:

El carril-bici es mierda, y esa mierda hay que quitarla de la calle.

Sencillo, ¿no? Por qué nadie parece poder pronunciarla?


CiudadCiclista | Lista de correo | Wiki CC

Tengo la impresión de que el ciclismo urbano en Londres está yendo para atras… dentro de nada los más avanzados vamos a ser los Iberos.

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